Asthma attack


For the first time in over a year, Gabe has been felled by asthma. Triggered perhaps by a cold and maybe by the dust from the extension, he coughed throughout school on Wednesday and couldn’t manage to cycle home. To GP and then to A&E and paeds ward. Oxygen, nebulisers and steroids controlled the attack, but he was discharged only after 2 nights on the ward. Several times it looked as though he would come home sooner, but his breathing worsened. Having got his hands on the ward X-box, he was in a dilemma: come home or keep playing Fifa 05.

under attack


Robin began school nursery on Wednesday. A challenging week, made more difficult by Gabe’s illness and Lou being at the hospital. His response has been to develop a new facial expression – a jutting chin. When I picked him up from play-group on Thursday, he fixed the expression and ran to me, butting me in the lower stomach.


Eliza was upset by Gabe and Lou’s absence. On Thursday morning she complained of a stomach ache, which wouldn’t go by sitting on the toilet. Eventually, getting shoes on for school, she found it had gone. She asked me whether you could get a stomach ache if you were worried about something. Rare self-knowledge.

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  1. […] thought Eliza had asthma. Conscious – but tired – that both Gabe and Robin had ended up in hospital with asthma and that we have no medicine prescribed for Eliza, I decided she needed to go to hospital. I helped […]


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