Tiger adventure


We varied our usual game of ‘lions and tigers’ (wrestling). I was the Daddy tiger, who taught the baby tiger how to cope with various terrains: long grass, swamp, rocks, river. I set Robin challenges (in the living room), crossing tricky terrain and always bounding back to me across grassland.


Eliza (and the boys) wore their swimming goggles in the bath. They took turns dipping their heads under the water – shallow and clear. I timed their efforts to hold their breath underwater.


Gabe recovered from his asthma and then from a virus. But maybe the toll it took of Gabe was seen today with a peak of irritability and fussing, with any setback met with whining, tears and complaints about Robin and Eliza. How do you develop resilience (to life’s disappointments) whilst also providing a safety net needed by a child?

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