Rainbows and thunder


Eliza began mini-mini girl guides on Monday. Rainbows is for girls aged 5-7. She came home with a tulip bulb in a plastic plant pot and a tissue paper flower. She said the Rainbows played games and sang songs. She coped well – none of her close friends are Rainbows – helped a lot by the presence of helper Thunder (aka Beth), who Eliza has played with since birth.


rain dance



Gabe also joined a group this week. He made his first appearance at Mrs Quirk’s Moorlands School Choir. Mrs Q is strict in her rules – 3 times without your choir folder and you’re out – but kind in her actions. Gabe’s been harmonising ever since.


Three weeks into school nursery and Robin has settled better than expected. He had his first accident on Friday, banging his head in a pushing incident. The name Jackie has cropped up. She, Robin tells us, tried and tried to draw him a lion (it looked more like a tiger) and picked him a flower to cheer him up after his accident.

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