Egg challenge


Robin went to hospital to see how his allergy to egg is developing. Some egg was rubbed on his back – the patch turned red and swelled. Some was brushed over his lips, which swelled. He ate, in a spoon of chocolate pudding, egg the size of a rice grain, then two and then half a spoonful. Minutes later he was sick. But there was good news: no anaphalactic reaction.

Egg 1 Robin 0


Gabe collects and plays with yugiyo cards – a cross between top trumps and dungeons and dragons. A great upset occurred when it surfaced that Gabe had swapped rainbow dragon, a most powerful card, for a lesser card, under pressure from a schoolmate. His classmate had called him ‘stupid’ and threatened to carry on doing so until he swapped the card. Gabe did the swap and a week later sobbed the story out. The next day, he went back to his classmate and asked for the swap to be reversed. It didn’t work, but it showed courage.


With Gabe, Eliza began piano lessons. The teacher drew around her hand and taught her about the note C. Eliza was excited about getting a file to keep her piano lesson notes.


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