Two binkies


Robin takes great comfort in his binkies (aka dummies – see Anne Tyler ‘Digging to America’). Strenuous efforts have restricted him to just three binky times: in the car, in the pushchair (now almost unused) and in bed. Maybe trying to capitalise on these last preserves of his great pleasure, Robin now insists on having two binkies, particularly in bed. This has become his entitlement. Twice this week, I’ve been woken by his shouts. When I’ve made it to his bedside, I’ve found him scrabbling around in the dark looking for a binky, with another sucked tight to his lips.


At bedtime, Gabe asked me whether the world would get too hot in his lifetime. I, without convincing myself, reassured him it wouldn’t, but reminded him that we needed to think of his children, too. Gabe stated that he wouldn’t have children, nor was he going to marry. He explained that he was going to live with his friends. ‘I want to be gay’, he concluded.


Eliza’s teacher chose her as one of the class’s representatives on School Council. Eliza was given a metal badge, which was pinned to her cardigan, and which she should wear every day. She attended her first meeting, armed with Gabe’s suggestion for compost bins. But she didn’t speak at the meeting, finding herself too shy.


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