Phomephing to phuck


From two binkies to none – in one week. The children had their first visit to a new dentist, who looked in Robin’s mouth and discerned a dummy user. If he doesn’t stop now, the dentist warned, the boy will need orthodontic braces later. Robin was shocked by the possibility of ‘spiky phings’ in his mouth. He went to bed without his binky that night, but woke up with one. The binkies have now been hidden and he’s had two nights without, but woke clamouring for one before dawn. “I want phomephing to phuck”, he moans.

His diction may also improve.


Six weeks into year one and Eliza’s parents’ evening was held. Miss Evans was full of praise for Eliza: phonics [not sonics] with year 2; reading age of 6 years + 8 months; great writing; good at mental arithmetic; quiet in class, but comfortable to contribute to group discussions – and a lovely pupil.


Gabe has non-infectious conjuctivitis. He has become obsessed with knowing if his eyes are red – the questioning has supplanted, for now, his evening routine of demanding to know if he looks tired. If his eyes are red, and he’s told, he tends to melt down – the sobbing having the effect of making his already sore eyes, red and puffy.


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  1. […] Her new teacher speaks as highly of her attitude and progress as her previous teacher. Eliza’s reading age has been measured as 9 yrs 7 months – over 2.5 years above her breathing […]


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