Cousin Freya

our perfect cousin


The children met their new cousin, 18 month old Freya for the second time this week on our visit to St Andrews. Gabe, Eliza and Robin behaved impeccably with her. Auntie S had some respite, as Freya was distracted and happy. Freya seemed to bond most with Gabe. Playing with a ball at home in Burntisland, she wanted to throw it at Gabe. Then at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in St Andrews, Freya chose Gabe to hold her hand and walk her around the house.


At the St Andrews swimming pool, Eliza went down the flume alone for the first time. She plopped into the pool at the end of the slide, righted herself and then fluttered herself to the side. Tiny, skinny, pink, with trailing blonde hair, she reminds me of a daphnia or other insubstantial pond dweller. Her arms and legs flutter in the water and she drifts across the pool.


In one aspect, Robin is maladapted for swimming: he can’t close his mouth when he’s having fun. At the St Andrews pool, Robin joined the others jumping from the side. Gabe and Eliza were leaping over a noodle that I kept pushing further from the edge. Robin wanted to jump and be caught by me. Time and again he propelled himself from the edge into my arms, with his mouth wide open, teeth showing and eyes glinting. Every jump a great joy that he completed with a hug and chuckle.

Robin has remained binky-free – even during the long car journey to Scotland.

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