Eliza turned six on Sunday. Seven friends came to her traditional party at home. It had been long-anticipated and so, predictably, couldn’t live up to expectations. For much of the party, Eliza looked worried, not having the control over her friends and the event that she had dreamt of. Smaller, paler and quieter than some of her friends, there was an edge to the party games and meal – would she be offended or upset? But it all worked out fine. Eliza may have been relieved when the friends left and she could open the presents with her close family.

the joy of six


A mark of Robin’s affection for an object is whether it gets taken to bed with him. Plastic animals, cars and power rangers have had that treatment. Often, there will be a thump in the night as the toy gets pushed off the mattress. This week’s favourites are even more unusual. There’s a cardboard box, decorated like a treasure chest, which contains books given to nursery kids to encourage their interest in reading. And there’s the whistle, shaped like a football, that Robin received at Eliza’s party. Over an hour after his bedtime and 40 minutes since he was last seen, we heard a single ‘peep’. And then to sleep.


Yugiyos have been pushed aside by the more naturalistic Match Attax football cards. Gabe’s collection grows quickly with his pocket money and rewards for good behaviour. He also swaps cards, although not it seems his ‘swaps’ (i.e. doubles). The cards have their own hierarchy (Man of the Match, 100 Club, etc.) Playground lore also affords some cards with greater rarity value.

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