Who am I animal?


This 20 questions-style word game has been a favourite for years. Robin’s role has been limited to saying ‘yes’ to whichever animal is first guessed.. until this week. At bathtime, he participated fully, answering a whole slew of questions when it was his turn. The information we gleaned wasn’t too enlightening, but we had, we thought narrowed the beast down to one bigger than a rhino and smaller than a giraffe. Finally, our questions and guesses dried up and we had to give in. Robin was chuffed and chuckled as he revealed that he was.. a flower.


L took Gabe to an assessment by a 12+ exam tutor. He came out with a reading age of almost 13, a spelling age of over 10 and close to 100% on the numeracy test. He was ‘top of the tree’. Meanwhile, three months into the school year, Gabe feels he had learnt nothing new apart from German and science. L & I went to see the teacher of his year 3/4 class to begin to pressure the school to move him into the year 4 class. Later on the same day as his tutor assessment, Gabe fussed for over an hour about doing some homework that he eventually completed in 15 minutes.


Eliza has moved into her new room. The walls are painted blue, balanced with a pink lamp, lightshade and bean bag. Encouraged to use the move to clear out her old toys, Eliza is hedging: only taking certain items to the new room, but not wanting to bin the rest, which are left around the room that now belongs to Robin.


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