Creation myth


Driving home from his egg-free, swine flu inoculation, Robin chattered to L about where he had come from. At the heart of his story was the explanation that, before he was born, Robin lived in the sea. It was there that he saw L and chose her as his Mummy.


Eliza’s make believe games tend to involve animals, baby animals or princesses. Invariably, they unfold in short episodes, rather than have any sustained narrative. Each episode, often only 30 seconds long, is preceded by Eliza asserting “pretend”, followed by a short explanation or order about what is going to happen. “Pretend… pretend… pretend..” punctuates the game.


The school has agreed, unwillingly, to move Gabe to the year 4 class. Friday afternoon, after my brief conversation with the head-teacher, his current teacher, Miss B, asked Gabe if he wanted to change classes. Gabe explained to me in the evening that he had said that he didn’t want to – he hadn’t wanted to hurt her feelings.


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