Choir boy


Gabe’s first term in the school choir culminated with the Christmas concert. The choir sat on a stage to the right. Gabe was in the front-row, keeping the perfect posture, but looking slight and short, legs dangling and feet well above the floor. He looked anxious throughout, whether singing or waiting to sing. The choir sang beautifully and Gabe, despite his nerves about making some higher notes, enjoyed the concert. L shed a tear.


Robin left nursery in tears. Two of his friends had been given special rewards for their drawing, but Robin had received nothing. Kind words from L couldn’t console him until she offered him a reward if he behaved well until gym. Duly motivated, he behaved and was rewarded – with a bouncy ball, which he played with for the rest of the day.

On the last day of school, Robin left nursery with a prize for being gentle: for helping a girl hurt by his two prize-winning friends of earlier in the week.


Cable TV has given us the ability to call-up recent programmes to watch whenever we choose. For Eliza, this almost always means, ‘Charlie and Lola’, a cartoon about a brother and his little sister. Eliza has watched every episode over and again. She’s charmed by the stories of ordinary infant schoolgirl activities (having new shoes, a friend getting glasses, wanting to play with a friend and also go to a party at the same time) and by Lola, who gets words wrong and amuses with naive redundancy (extremely very).


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