Christmas 2009

The snow

Heavy snow fell in our neighbourhood on the Sunday before Christmas. It was probably the first time in Robin’s life that snow had fallen at home and stuck. The four of us went to the park and played for an hour until the cold drove us home. Eliza was expert at rolling the snow ball to grow it to the size of a snowman’s belly and then another for his head. Gabe lobbed snow balls and volleyed juicy snow footballs that I served up to him. Robin charged with snow ball in hand and ground it into my back and bottom. We all played tig and laughed.


Gabe was most pleased with FIFA 10 for his nintendo DS and a tin of Match Attax cards. L also bought him ‘Rush Hour’ – a spatial awareness puzzle, that engrossed Grandma when we went to St Andrews.

Eliza had asked Father Christmas for a bedside table. When she saw the size of her empty stocking on Christmas Eve, she was downhearted, realising that Santa wouldn’t fulfil that wish. Such was the focus on the presents under the tree, that none of the kids on Christmas morning had noticed the sheet covering objects in the fireplace next to the tree. After all the presents had been opened, L pointed out the sheet to Eliza. She pulled it off and found the present from us of a bedside table and book case.

Robin’s favourite presents were a second light sabre (red – for the baddie) and sword and shield from Auntie BS. Robin and I had an epic light sabre battle in the kitchen before Christmas lunch. I spun and leapt, but couldn’t avoid getting my hands clattered by the blue light sabre.

In the frenzy of present opening, L pointed the kids to a present for the three of them. Working as a threesome they somehow managed to share the unwrapping of what was clearly a DVD and almost as clearly Ice Age 3. But when the paper was torn off, Gabe looked up at us, ‘Sopranos?’ L had wrapped the wrong DVD.

beware the baddie


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