The big freeze


With schools closed by the snow, Gabe and I joined his friends and their families at the town’s only slope in Priory Gardens. Gabe took turns with a friend’s plastic sledge, boldly carrying on after rolling out of the sledge and cautiously choosing which slope to descend.


Robin took a carrot to the Broad Road Rec where we met up with friends building giant snowmen. The carrot was to have been a snowman’s nose. But it wasn’t to be as Robin, copying a game invented earlier in the day with Eliza, buried the carrot for others to find. Nobody could find it and Robin had forgotten where he had buried it.


The three children and I went to Walkden Gardens, where the snow was relatively untouched, five days after the last fall. We began with a snowball fight where I chased the kids through the deep snow, all of us running in boots. Eliza flitted through the snow, faster than I, stopping to make snowballs, and without tiring.

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  1. […] This week’s freezing weather has gradually broken down Robin’s resistance to warm clothing. First went the shorts. Then came gloves and zipping up his coat. Finally, he has worn his hat. He is no keener on snow now than he was during the great freeze in January. […]


  2. […] they rode down the wooded slopes where they have tobogganed in the snow. Over jumps and after a few falls, challenged to go down one slope and back up the […]


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