Always the other foot


Robin is beginning to put his own shoes on. With that comes to an end one of the most probability defying phenomena. For months and months, when getting Robin ready to go out, I would pick up a shoe. At the same moment, Robin would lift or push forward a foot. It was always the foot for the other shoe.


Eliza’s reading is forging ahead. She can read the books given her at school. She reads the sides and backs of food packaging, newspaper headlines and labels. One morning and one evening this week she had lain in bed reading a unicorn book out loud to herself.


Gabe is completing a transition from the infant he once was: he sleeps in. He has always woken early: 5.50am as a toddler; 6.30 and occasionally 7am for years since. But now he struggles to rouse himself on school days and at weekends sleeps late or wakes and reads.


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