Sleep walking


Last night Gabe sleep walked for the first time in months. It wasn’t the paniced dashing and thrashing around his room of 18 months ago. He went down and then upstairs, not seeming to notice L. L suggested he needed the loo. ‘No’, he said and went into the bathroom and did a wee in the toilet. Later I heard him grumbling. He seemed to wake when I went to his bedside. ‘Are you going to put it on TV, Daddy?’ ‘No,’ I said, ‘it’s a dream’ and back to sleep he went.


Eliza and Robin are the strongest pairing of the the three. They play together contentedly at length, with Eliza calling the shots and Robin eager to please. Last night, they played a game in the bath, giggling and splashing. They were skimming a plastic boat between themselves, trying to avoid being hit. Eliza was keeping score authoritatively.


Allergies must loom large for Robin. His allergy to egg is an ever-present consideration. He claimed a new allergy this week: to cats’ nipples.


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  1. […] times in the past few weeks, Robin has got out of bed and wandered around upstairs, distressed and out-of-reach of L and my communication. He seems to be sleeping or […]


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