Robin’s fourth birthday party was at the gym. Ten friends came and one or two were always pursuing him as he belted around the gym, on and off the apparatus. It was a very good natured event for a fourth birthday party. Robin saved his best for the lighting of the cake. As the candles and indoor firework were lit, Robin hammed up a look of shock, seeming to enjoy having everyone’s eyes on him.

birthday boy


As a two or three year old, Eliza had declared that she loved ice cream more than Daddy. She has since rowed back from this extreme position of confectionary-philia. It was tested again yesterday, when a lengthy meal with friends in London was cut short to dash to the train back to Manchester. Despite nagging the waitress, the ice cream arrived as we were saying goodbye. Eliza had time for one mouthful. She was rewarded for her quiet endurance of this disappointment with an ice cream special for tea today.


Gabe stayed up late at our hosts in London on Saturday, so he could see our friends who were coming to dinner: B & V and M & S. Gabe talked to B about football, MatchAttax, cricket and singing in Liverpool. When M arrived, he got to talk again about the trip next month to Liverpool. M delighted him by suggesting that he may be able to come and visit us at the time of the concert.


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