Tooth fairy


Eliza lost her first tooth, quickly followed by a second. She placed each tooth under her pillow to exchange it with a currency gift from the Tooth Fairy. The morning after losing her first tooth, Eliza found me in the bathroom. She was holding a pound coin. ‘I have a one….’ she said, not knowing what it was called. What really excited her was that she thought she read her name on the coin where the monarch’s name is engraved.


Gabe went to Sale Cricket Club under 9 practice for the first time. There were 9 other boys, mostly bigger and probably a little older than he. The session was run by Rick, who had given Gabe some coaching in the autumn. They began with a game that crossed netball with cricket. Gabe stayed mostly on the margins, but his confidence grew. The second half of the session was a cricket match where each batter faced one ball at a time. Gabe scored some runs and played some nice front-foot shots. In the field, he came close to the catch of the day. He has said he enjoyed the session and can’t wait for next Sunday.


An enduring peculiarity of Robin’s speech is his fondness for the word ‘take’. It replaces ‘put’, ‘switch’ and other action verbs. So he ‘takes’ his shoes on, lights off and TV on.


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