After a lot of frustrated blowing, Gabe can whistle. He produces almost constant high-pitched sound. When not whistling, he sings and warbles in an alto pitch to himself and in answer to questions.


Half-term and the children spent a morning at a friend’s house. Gabe and Eliza played with their opposite numbers – B & A. Robin didn’t have a contemporary to play with and so their hosts’ grandmother sought to entertain him. “What do you like doing most of all?” she asked him. “Hugging and kissing mummy and daddy”, he answered.

This reminded me of the answer he gave me on holiday last summer when I asked each of the children what they would most like to do on our last day in Norfolk. Visit the swimming pool was choice of Gabe and Eliza. ‘Fight Daddy’ was top of Robin’s list.


With a half-term trip to Nan and Grandad’s came two long car trips. In the car, but also in the bath, at meal-times, walking down the road, Eliza likes to play word games: I Spy, Who am I animal/person, True or False, Keep your enemies close, etc. She likes a high turnover of turns, facilitated by clues given after a couple of blind guesses.


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