Bank Holiday Monday


To Cheshire’s largest shopping village to find the trainers Gabe has been seeking. He is to pay half the cost as they are to supplement recently bought trainers which cause Gabe intense distress because they flash – a feature that is too babyish for an 8 year old club footballer. The trainers aren’t in stock (I wish I had shared with Gabe my own fatalistic approach to shopping before we left). But they turn out to be bright yellow. L plays a perfect Mum role and points at style-free blue trainers of the wrong brand and asks why these aren’t perfectly suitable. Gabe doesn’t have the words to explain and we leave without his booty.


Eliza establishes before we arrive that she won’t have anything bought for her today. She’s a little moany and tired (except at the playground), so wants to be carried. She livens up in a kitchen-ware store where she displays unprecedented devilment: rattling cutlery, knocking it to the floor, picking up and banging pans. She’s in a happy zone and won’t respond to being warned and told off. We have to leave the shop and quickly previous low levels of energy are restored.


Robin is gaining confidence with pens. He presents me with a series of pictures – the first time he has drawn me. Each have large round eyes and few other features, making them look like images of skulls. Just one in the series has hair, a full crown of spikey hair.


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