Reading stories


Eliza goes to bed with the book that L or I have been reading with her. She carries on reading to herself – aloud. Why doesn’t she read in her head? It’s too boring.

But she’s a confident reader: putting expression into the words. She has also been reading stories to Robin, in the morning and when L is getting their tea.


Robin told L that he was going to read the bedtime story – Eliza had taught him to read. He picked ‘Down by the Cool of the Pool’. On each page he remembered most of the rhymes and for authenticity, pointed at the words as he told the story; only there wasn’t much coincidence of his words and those he pointed to on the page.


Gabe is reading through books so fast that he often complains of having nothing to read. His recent favourites are the Astrosaur series, which he has been completing between tea and going to sleep.


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