Games we play


Eliza and I had an intense and arduous hour in the garden moving from the house to the fence and back without touching the grass. We had three rafts which protected us from the lawn crocodiles: slide, see-saw and car. We climbed onto the two front rafts and then dragged the third in front and moved forward again.


Gabe has been introduced to monopoly at a friend’s house and back at home has opened up the personal monopoly L bought for my 40th birthday. Gabe revels in fining opponents for landing on his properties and trying to force a deal in the auctions. Handling the money, and the overall complexity of the game seem to appeal to him.


Robin enjoys two board games – one with pirates and the other with spiders – that involve rolling dice, moving counters and the threat of an abrupt reversal if you land on the wrong space. He wants to win, but not so much that he cheats, but only that he can whine if not winning and cheer a victory.


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