Sleeping and not sleeping


Gabe has entered a relatively harmonious patch: he no longer needs L or I to visit his room at 20 minute intervals or becomes frantic, despite repeated reassurances that sleep will come his way. He does nag to stay up, but has become content to go to bed, reading a book and listening to 5 live (football commentaries preferred). Once asleep, he stays that way until either early morning if there is something on tv he wants to watch, or he is woken up to get ready for school. A period of loud, sinus-scorching snoring, seems to have abated.


Eliza often begs us, clinging to us, to stay in her room. But it is short-lived and soon after she will be asleep, perhaps after reading. Asleep, she curls up, usually with duvet pushed off her, often with a cuddly toy on her shoulder and her hair strewn across her pillow. In the middle of last night, I woke with her standing at my side. She had had a bad dream. She slipped into bed, a narrow boney body at my side. I dozed and woke sometime later and told her it was time to go back to her bed. She acquiesced, but with me walking her back across the landing to her room, tucking her in bed and tugging the curtain to let some pre-dawn light into her room.


Robin is the most active at night. Sometimes he rolls off his mattress onto the floor, without waking. If he wakes, as he did last night, inadequately covered by his duvet, he shouts for assistance – causing my third waking of the night. A quick straightening of the duvet and hug placated him.

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