Cup final


Gabe’s U9 team played a cup final against a team who had beaten them 8-1 earlier in the season. The match was played at a local non-league ground, on around 1/4 of the pitch area. Both teams defended solidly and despite some flowing football, there was no score after the first third, the second third, the third third, and two periods of extra time. And so to penalties – surely not necessary for 9 year olds – where the other team’s nerve held. Consolation came in the form of a boot-shaped runners-up trophy.


Eliza has the skipping bug. In the house, she turns scarves and ties into skipping ropes. Outside, she jumps over ropes. She prefers to have the rope turned for her, so she can time her run into the rope’s orbit and start jumping. She likes a routine where she turns 90 degrees with each jump, which for some reason accentuates her leg length making her foal-like.


When playing ‘pretend’ games with Eliza, Robin isn’t simply the obliging stooge any more. Whether the game is horses, or school, or whatever subject matter, Robin now has a say in the progress of the game. Learned from Eliza, the game’s next step is always announced with ‘Pretend’, or when coming from Robin, ‘tend’.

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