Gappy smiles

mind the gap

Eliza & Gabe

Eliza lost one of her top front teeth eating corn on the cob. There was sobbing, a little blood spat into the sink, a tiny white tooth and soon a gappy smile. It annoyed Gabe, as it meant that Eliza had overtaken him in the number of milk teeth lost (3 v 2). He regained the lead three days later, when both his top front teeth were extracted at the dentist’s. They had remained in place despite the arrival in front of them, shark-like, of one new adult tooth. Injections were used to numb Gabe’s mouth. His struggles in the face of the needles were easily suppressed by the dental nurse.


Robin sits at a developmental crossroads – wanting to tell us a story runs forwards, but crossing that route comes remembering what has actually happened. When butter was found splattered on the kitchen floor, he denied involvement. Under closer questioning, a story of knocking the tub from the shelf tumbled out. It fitted the facts. But last week, he came downstairs after bedtime complaining of crumbs in his bed. And his sheet was covered in granules – from toast eaten in his bed, he said. They weren’t crumbs, however, but grit or sand, for which he had no explanation.


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