At the pool


At the camp-site pool in Italy, Gabe gave indications of how he’ll appear as an adolescent, or even a man. Wearing long red swimming shorts and a tight red surfer’s top, he has the shape, if not the scale, of a sleek Italian Giovanni.

Acqua Piper

The visit to Italy’s largest water park on a baking hot day was a holiday triumph. For 6 hours the kids played together. First, down mini-slides and around a mid-riff deep pool, with Robin tending to lead the way in new challenges. Then, racing around animal statues in the shallows of an ocean pool. Last, playing ball in the ocean pool, with the boys essaying elaborate dives. Eventually, Eliza, so pale, tired and retreated from the sun to the shadows. Throughout, they had thrown themselves into the water, the games and the sunny day. They were pleasingly distinct from the Italians, who were generally older and younger. Ours showed no bronzed torsos, remaining clothed in red (Gabe), pink (Eliza) and pale green (Robin).

Lagoon pool

With two days of the holiday to go, the camp opened its lagoon pool. We were first on its spongy floor, its island with fountains, through its tunnel and down its slides. The kids had sliding competitions, played lifeguards and dived for goggles. They shrieked, laughed and made it into a family pool, although it was out of normal school holidays.


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