English children abroad


Robin at four remains solidly and attractively an infant. There’s no precociousness, but much charm. He walks, swinging both arms forward and backwards together. He runs, then skips and reverts to running. He waves with his forearm extended away from his body and a fast, little rotation of his open hand. Waiting for a train to take us into Rome, he asks, “How do trains know where we want to go?”


A great enthusiast for the very few foods he eats, Rome gave Gabe the chance to eat pizza at least once a day for a week. He did just that, having adult portions, and showing no signs of sating his passion for pizza.


Eliza’s holiday pleasure was encapsulated in the Rome snow-storm paperweight she chose as her souvenir. She guarded it closely, fearing other clumsy fingers. But dropping her bag at the airport on the way home, she smashed it and pleasure was transformed, for 20 minutes, into sobbing and despair.


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