Pool party


This Californian staple came to the North-West. Gabe and four friends gathered at their host’s house where the garden has been transformed into an entertainments complex: hot-tub, bar, swings and slides, decking, artificial turf, widescreen tv and 3ft deep 5 metre wide circular pool. The boys splashed, shouted, tussled and played ball. It was Gabe said, ‘the best party ever.’


Robin coped well with L’s absence for the weekend. Disappointed that he wouldn’t see L until Monday morning, he crept downstairs and set himself up, cross-legged on the floor to wait for her reappearance. He was defeated by tiredness, and was asleep in bed when L arrived home.


Helping Eliza don her swimming cap at the local pool, my eyes were seized by the sparkling gold of her front tresses. They seem to have not just been bleached by the sun, but absorbed and now radiating its energy.


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