Splendid isolation


Walking with Eliza down the road leading to her school, a car pulled up and a young lad shouted through an open window from the passenger seat, “Eliza, Eliza”. She didn’t flinch, head held forward and not a sign of acknowledgement. I asked if she knew him – yes – then why didn’t she say ‘hello’. I got a slight shake of the head and pursed lips, but broadly the same treatment as the schoolboy.


L bought Robin a lego Star Wars plane. Gabe assembled it for him. He played with it throughout the afternoon, took it to bed with him and played again at breakfast, once the pieces had been recovered from his bedding. I’ve offered to buy him another one if he lets his finger nails grow.


Gabe took a morning off school to sit his first piano exam – pre grade 1. It was held in a large old house and was taken on a grand piano. Gabe rated it the second most nerve-wracking thing he has done this year – after the choir competition in St George’s Hall. Nonetheless, he performed well and received a certificate with complimentary comments.


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