End of the school year


Robin ends nearly two years uneasy association with St Anne’s Playgroup. As a fresh two-year old, he sobbed when left and didn’t want to play with the other kids. As time passed Robin moved from upset to indignance. Finding out it was a Playgroup day tripped him into a surly mood with complaints that he didn’t like the place. This hasn’t been the experience of the group’s staff who report him as active and cheerful. Will five days each week of reception be better welcomed by Robin in September?


For the final month of term, Gabe’s homework has been to work on his project. This has given him nearly four weeks to procrastinate and put barriers in the way of getting on with the task. Then faced with a Monday deadline, he buckled down on Sunday evening and early Monday morning. He has produced, with strong moral and a little practical support from L, an interesting and well illustrated 16 page project on Spain.


Eliza has ended the year just as she began it: by getting a Golden Book mention for being “really super at everything.” She showed unusual thrust in this final week. By responding fastest to the teacher’s enquiry, Eliza has brought home three stick-insects for the school holidays. They’re even coming to Devon with us.

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