Rock climbing


There were two notable bits of courage demonstrated by Robin at Gabe’s school barbeque. The publicly visible one was being the smallest child to attempt and indeed scale much of the climbing wall. For this he got encouragement and cheers from parents and kids. But to get to that position, Robin had walked up to one of the men operating the wall and, by himself, asked if he could go on it.

sent up the wall


Between me dropping Gabe off at school and L picking him up, G’s vocal chords stretched. Speaking a little huskily, he may have had his first joust with puberty. If so, the infant Gabe prevailed as his old voice returned the next day.

Another rite of passage: his first cricket match played with a “corkie”. Batting for the first time in pads and helmet, Gabe attracted a lot of sympathy. The smallest pads were too large or too unfamiliar making him unable to run. Twice he was nearly lapped by his partner. The second time Gabe stood his ground leaving the other lad high and dry by the length of the junior pitch.


Eliza designed an obstacle course in the garden and excelled, matching Gabe for the fastest time – down the slide, round the lawn mower, over the play car, dribbling the ball to the bucket and back to the beginning. As with any running event, Eliza’s fluency is disturbed by her need to pull up her leggings which slide down her skinny waist and hips.


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  1. […] took the kids on a half-term holiday treat to the local climbing wall. Robin, with pedigree in this activity, was the first to climb. Eliza was the first to scale the 12 metres. Gabe paced around nervously […]


  2. […] long run of football birthday parties was broken by a climbing wall party. Robin revisited his heroics of many years ago and was one of only two of the boys at the party to climb to the top of the […]


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