The children loved the converted farm and its amenities. We were the noisiest family in the pool, swimming daily with Nan and Grandad. The apogee of our frantic fun was the game where Gabe, Eliza and Robin took turns to leap from the side to kick, catch, punch or head a ball thrown across them. By the end of the week, Robin was swimming a length and Eliza two; and each of them had progressed with some sort of dive.

The second most popular draw were the goats. Eliza and Robin fed them with our leftovers and with the leaves of a hazel tree that Nan had guided them towards as good goat food.

no butts

We had two days on Banham beach, across the Avon estuary from Burgh Island. Paddling, sand castles and rock scrambling were successful occupations. Robin annexed a big hole in the beach and with help dug it deeper. It became the ‘Great Hole of Robin’, which he jumped into, almost disappearing, and then with the others leaped across it.

beach ball


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