Izzy the pony

first ride


For some time, Eliza has felt hard done by: she’s the one who loves horses, but her brothers are the ones who have ridden. L righted this wrong by booking pony rides for the kids on our Devon holiday. Our three, riding Izzy, Sparky and Tink were in a pony train of a dozen kids led for a 30 minute walk along a path and through woods from a riding stable. They loved the experience and for Eliza it lived on after we had left. Two weeks later, we went on a walk through local woods. Eliza imagined she was on Izzy and ran along the paths, not once asking to be carried or complaining of being tired.


One of the triggers of Gabe’s temper is him feeling embarrassed at the antics of his younger siblings, especially Robin. Driving along country roads, Gabe implored for the windows to be shut. He couldn’t bear passersby hearing Robin singing or shouting “widgy”.


Noticing my credit card was missing from my wallet at a petrol station, I called home to ask if L could find in the study where I last remember using it. She searched the desk while I held on the phone, but couldn’t see it. I cancelled the card. Within 30 minutes, I got a phone message that L had found Robin with the card. It wasn’t clear where or when he had found it. At home in the evening, I asked Robin if he had found it in the hall by the door – “yes” – or by the living room – “yes” – or in the study – “yes”.


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