Slow eater


Eliza eats food slowly if she doesn’t like it, spinning out the meal, hoping to be spared it. Eliza eats food slowly if she does like it, savouring and delighting in it. Eliza’s slow eating can be because she gets distracted, by chit-chat or by a game. It may even be because she has a small  mouth, or is missing teeth – but she ate slowly with a full mouth of teeth, too. Ice cream cornets have posed a particular challenge. Her favourite food can be lost if too much time is taken over it. This she has finally grasped, but still every cornet is a cliff-hanger.


With the end of summer, Robin’s junior football practice has moved inside. Robin has been insistent that he doesn’t want to play indoors and was refusing to go. His motivation, it seems, had been to get boots with studs, which couldn’t be worn inside. He wanted to know when he could get them and asked to look at catalogues of boots on the computer. L turned up an old pair of Gabe’s, three sizes too large. Robin enthused over them. He disappeared from the kitchen to hold them, look at them, stroke them. I tied the laces for him to wear them in the garden. He padded around, not quite tripping over his clowns’ feet, scuffing the football.

This morning, heavy rain and more forecast convinced Robin to return to football indoors. He scored, enjoyed himself and may be reconciled to waiting until his feet grow until he returns to the football field.


After our successful trip to Rome, L and I have talked to the children of doing something similar next year. Gabe wants control and has been regularly checking the Eurocamp website to check possible venues. He calls us into the study to see the latest perfect site he has found, pointing out the pool or, maybe recognising his audience, the landscape in which it is found. All the time trying to get commitments from his non-committal parents that this is where we will be going.


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  1. […] in town, L suggested to Gabe that he could do some research on the Eurocamp website for a holiday next year in Italy. The idea grabbed him and he nagged to go home immediately to […]


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