Parents evening

L had meetings with both Eliza’s and Robin’s teachers.


Eliza continues to prosper at school. Her new teacher speaks as highly of her attitude and progress as her previous teacher. Eliza’s reading age has been measured as 9 yrs 7 months – over 2.5 years above her breathing age.


Robin attracted praise for his attentiveness and willingness to learn. L was asked if he has a drum kit at home. “No”, she replied. “Well,” the teacher explained, “he has an amazing sense of rhythm.”

The following day, L had to sign the accident book on picking Robin up from school. The record stated, “Robin ran round and round in a circle, until he fell over and bumped his head on a tree.”


Gabe has invented a club, called something to do with lizards. Membership, rules, crest, meeting times and location, password protocol are all documented on an A4 sheet. The members – friends, parents and, to his great pleasure, Robin – are allocated roles: messenger, guard, ideas thinker, etc. It’s a hypothetical club, but intriguing enough for Eliza to invent her own. It’s not yet made it off the paper, something Gabe seemed to be conscious of when he asked me if I had made up clubs when I was his age; and, were they always really unsuccessful?


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