Long weekend

The half-term holiday ended with a long weekend in St Andrews. Under cloudless blue skies Eliza, Robin and I ventured out to the long, narrow strip of woodland up the hill from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Eliza and Robin reprised a game from earlier visits when they ran through the woods, trying to beat me to the top. My route followed a path, while they picked their way through the trees and bushes. They were scratched and tripped and Eliza’s sophisticated swirly bun hair-do kept snagging on twigs. Out of the woods and along a path I spotted an eagle in a field. The kids struggled to spot it. Eliza stood on a wall, flapping her arms to be a ‘little birdie’ to attract the eagle’s attention and startled herself when the eagle turned and flapped its wings.

We visited the St Andrews pool during Acqua Run. An inflatable pontoon half the length of the pool supported an inflatable assault course. Gabe led the kids onto it and was the first to complete it without falling off. Robin, the smallest of all the kids attempting the course, revelled in the challenge, repeating the acqua run over and over again, needing to be escorted back from the deep-end of the pool where he landed from the slide at the end of the course.

One afternoon was spent with Freya, uncle, aunt, great uncle and great aunt: halloween costumes, frolics and races in the garden (notably, the bloodshot eye-ball and spoon race). Great uncle A conjured a plastic eye-ball from his hand. Standing inches away, Robin’s jaw dropped and he swivelled with an enchanted look of astonishment, providing deep fulfilment to the conjurer.


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