Eliza’s best friend invited her to stay after her birthday party, to open presents and for a sleep-over: a first for Eliza and the rest of us. The girls watched a DVD eating popcorn in their bedroom. There was no midnight feast, as they were asleep soon after 10pm. The next morning they got up quietly and made themselves breakfast. The evening was a success. The next day was a disaster as an over-tired Eliza struggled from one upset to another and finally to bed in her own room.


Gabe was affronted that his little sister was first to experience a sleep-over. He had turned down a couple of invitations at an earlier time when going to sleep was a nightly anguish. But he rose above the situation and wrote Eliza a letter, sealed in an envelope with chocolates, for her to open when at her friend’s house. The letter wished her a happy time and suggested activities for her and her friend.


Robin’s laugh from a young age has been physical, fulsome and charming. Many things make him laugh: people falling over, running around after a football, wrestling, Gabe’s jokes, Grandpa’s beard. What makes him laugh most, and most reliably, are real, pretend or imagined farts.


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