25m badge


Robin has moved up to the yellow cap swimming class. No flotation aids are used. This week, the teacher began by pacing out 10 metres along the side of the pool and asking his charges to swim to the marker. Robin managed it. The kids were sent back and challenged to do it again. This time as Robin reached the marker, the teacher encouraged him to keep going. Robin was heading to the deep end, with the teacher’s metal pole waving ahead of him. Robin moved with a mix of paddle and breaststroke. He stopped every couple of metres to breathe and then sank below the surface as he pushed himself forward. And so, at his first effort, Robin swam a full length. At the end of the lesson, the teacher shook Robin’s hand and gave him a form, which we cashed in for a 25m badge and certificate. Robin said it was his first trophy.


Eliza went to school on tuesday dressed in a white ankle-length skirt and with a woollen shawl wrapped around her. It was Victorian Day. Eliza and her classmates had a special assembly, held by the headteacher sporting a moustache to make the point that women didn’t fill such roles. In class, the children played with slates and baked Victorian biscuits.


Gabe has begun preparing for his 11+ exam next year. We spend an hour each week looking at test papers. He enjoys the test, scoring highly but is quickly discouraged if he doesn’t know the skill being tested.  He also tends to rush into a question, falling into traps laid by the question-setter.


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