Too babyish


Robin has been refusing to have a bedtime story. He won’t chose, or have chosen, a book from the three shelves crammed with books in his room. Old favourites – Dinosaurs love underpants, What people do all day, Emergency vehicles – are eschewed. New departures are refused. His complaint is that the books are too babyish. But when offered something from Eliza’s library, he complains it is too girlish. L took the kids to the library. Gabe found him books and read them to him. He only agreed to taking away a single book. I am concerned this may be the first indications of a laddish rejection of learning.


Eliza ran to her room to show Crystal to Nan and Grandad. She screeched and wailed when she found Crystal curled and motionless in her cage. Crystal moved a little and Nan’s explanation of hibernation gathered a little traction. We kept Crystal warm but after a second night pronounced her dead. Eliza coped, probably helped by Crystal’s gradual demise while we pursued the idea of hibernation. L agreed with Eliza that we would wait until the spring to decide whether to introduce a third hamster into our family.


Gabe excelled in our tobagganing expedition with Nan and Grandad. He pushed himself first and most frequently down the short, steep slopes. He also went with Eliza to see her friend who was playing the woods and asked if she would like to play with us on our part of the slope.


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  1. […] as Robin has turned away from stories, there has been a great flourishing of penmanship. It started with his drawing of footballers, a […]


  2. […] Robin’s antipathy towards books was short-lived. His current favourite at bedtime is an educational book on the solar system, the galaxy and beyond. While he has a focus on the present, the timescales and distances (apparently, the same thing) described in this book impress him and make him uneasy, even if they are beyond his, and my, comprehension. So he knows that Jupiter has 60 moons, some planets have no hard surfaces, lumps of rock speed through space, blue stars are the hottest and that at some point in the past it all began with a bang and at some point in the future it could all end in one. […]


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