Dads v Lads

Gabe and Robin

The boys were the junior members of a lads team (1 girl) that took on a dads team (3 mums) in a 7-a-side match at the park on New Year’s Day. Robin had cried before the game when Gabe told him he couldn’t play. He cried after the game when L and I insisted he changed out of his new football socks. He didn’t cry during the game when a dad back-heeled a fast moving ball slap into his face. He lasted the match and was pressed into service by the dads to take a penalty, which he scored after a couple of unsuccessful efforts were struck-out owing to players transgressing into the penalty area.

The Lads won 12-4, with Gabe netting a tidy hat-trick. A year has proven to be a long time as the result in this fixture a year ago was a draw, with the Dads easing up.


Eliza’s Christmas holiday treat was to go skating – her second visit to a rink following a friend’s party almost one year ago. Despite such limited and quite distant experience, she went straight out onto the ice alone, allowing me to shepherd Robin on his first attempt. Her bravery continued as she picked herself up after numerous falls and carried on skating. We spent over an hour on the ice and while she didn’t move fluently, she shuffled along, contented and focused.


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