Minute test


Gabe’s class does a weekly times table minute test. Gabe was disappointed before Christmas when he wasn’t the first in the class to get the full 45 marks, but he did manage it the week after. With a statistician’s touch, Gabe keeps a bar chart of his performance and calculates his average score.


L is painting the walls of Robin’s room. While the work is progressing, he has moved in with Gabe for the first two nights and Eliza the third. There was some spiteful competition between Gabe and Eliza for the honour of hosting him – more evidence of his popularity.

L didn’t buy Robin’s preferred shade of blue paint. This has enraged him and he complains loudly and regularly that the walls are too light.


Eliza went to a roller-skating party, fulfilling one of her ambitions. She needed L to support her for her first circuit of the hall, but skated independently thereafter. Her pocket money (£1.50) will be put towards buying a pair of roller-blades which cater for feet 1/2 size larger than hers – but still the smallest manufactured.


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