Flag game


The flag game involves naming the country from a card-sized picture of a flag. Gabe challenged L, Grandma, Grandpa and me to a game when visiting St Andrews. He trounced the four adults, calling correctly the flags of countries as diverse as Bhutan, Yemen, Norway, Guyana and many more. This knowledge isn’t the outcome of some recent cramming, but has persisted with little refreshing over the two or three years since he was gripped by flag fanaticism and studied and coloured the flags of the world.


We headed out on our usual walk from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Robin and Eliza raced through the woods. At the top they climbed and jumped around the clinker pile. They skipped and swooped along the tree lined lane. Robin then raced down the hill, charged along the West Grange Road and all the way back to the house, completing a mile long run without pause.


On the East Sands, Eliza made a beach mii, using a shiny pebble as her hair grip and shells as butterfly decorations on her sandy dress. Earlier, she had gone on a treat trip to town with L and Grandma for a hot chocolate in a coffee shop.


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