Hall party


We held Robin’s fifth birthday party in a large, traditional wooden-floored, community hall. He and nine lads keenly contested running, dancing and spinning games, while two girls clung to their mothers. The party-goers kept up the pace for two hours and remained good tempered and well-behaved throughout. Not a single tear of frustration, upset or anger was shed. Most of Robin’s presents were jigsaw and/or Star Wars themed, as they had been at his family birthday tea two nights earlier at Pizza Hut. In fact, Robin was irked at any presents that didn’t stick to this theme.


Eliza and her friend A provided my highlight of the party. They performed a dance routine to a tune they know from school ‘Wake up and shake up’. They sashayed from left to right, spun and kicked. Ten little boys competed with focus and fervour to match the older girls’ moves and win the prize.


The series of Gabe’s excellent school reports continued at L and my meeting with his class teacher. Mr R, gently camp and sporting knitwear, enthused over Gabe’s ability, speed of learning, attentiveness, general knowledge and openness to a challenge. He indulged himself, but even more, us, with a speculation about what Gabe could be in 20 years time: a chemist, a linguist, a mathemetician, anything. He was as surprised as every teacher has been when we’ve mentioned how overwrought Gabe can be about school, and homework in particular, and promised to speak to Gabe about this.


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