12 metre wall

L took the kids on a half-term holiday treat to the local climbing wall. Robin, with pedigree in this activity, was the first to climb. Eliza was the first to scale the 12 metres. Gabe paced around nervously before his successful assault on the wall. By the end of their session, all three had reached the summit and all three had finished their final climb with legs juddering with exhaustion.

Home-made pizza

The most anticipated and enjoyed culinary event of the week saw the three kids adding toppings of their choice to a Tesco’s pizza base. Gabe stuck with the margarita, and seeking something extra asked for herbs. The only fresh herb in the fridge was coriander, which I allowed him to use so as not to discourage his willingness to test something new. Robin also settled with the tomato sauce and mozzarella option. Eliza was more adventurous, adding sausage and sweet corn to her margarita.

Park visits

Successful trips this half-term included: a keenly contested cricket match on a basketball court, pirate games and obstacle courses on a fallen tree, roller blading to and around our local park.


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