Mummy’s birthday


Gabe decided to buy L a birthday present and that it would be a ring. He endured my advice/protests that Mummy would really like something that he made for her. He searched on Amazon (“cheap ring”) and selected a silver ring with three jewels. It arrived in time, was handed over to L on her birthday morning and won a look of genuine surprise.


Eliza too wanted to mark L’s birthday with a present. She was in and then out of Gabe’s plan. She settled with home-made cards full of affectionate wishes and also a baby gorilla. L had seen one on tv and said how much she would like one. So Eliza made her a finger sized, pale paper baby gorilla.


“Rubbish” is Robin’s exclamation of disapproval. School, tea that varies from his narrow range of preferences, unfavoured clothing and L’s redecoration of his room all earn the cry. So insistent was his rubbishing of L’s painting of his bedroom walls that she responded to her critic and painted the second coat in the dark blue he wanted. “Rubbish” is also his (unwarranted) self-criticism of his reading, football, drawing, etc.


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