Double gold (again)


Gabe returned to the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival at St George’s Hall as part of the school orchestra and recorder group. The latter won their competition, facing no opposition whatsoever, with Colonel Bogey and Calypso Carnival. The orchestra came top of their group, winning a distinction for playing Tordilion and The Sound of Silence. L and I got to see the school assembly celebration performance. The music was precise, controlled and really arranged and played with real sophistication.


Pancake day drove Robin to distraction. Because of his egg allergy he wasn’t in the group that made pancakes on the first day. Furious on leaving school he turned on L: “It’s your fault, you growed me.” With forbidden pancakes made at home, he kept up the bad temper for the rest of the day. Back at school, he finally had pancakes that he could touch, made with our soya egg substitute, and found he liked them.


The new year at gymnastics has seen Eliza performing forward rolls on the beam and hanging from the wall-bars with her legs stretched out parallel to the floor. Her favourite new manouevre is the kick-over. From a crab position, she kicks her legs up and over, flipping herself over and landing the other way up on all fours. Initially the crab was with feet elevated on a support, or sofa when practising at home. But, with concerted practice, the kick-over is now essayed with her feet starting on the floor, on a level with her hands.


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