Piano fortissimo


Gabe took the grade 1 piano exam and passed with a merit. As well as a stage for demonstrating his musical talent, the piano has become a bellweather of Gabe’s tempers. He will turn to the piano when frustrated and pound out one or both of the pieces studied for his exam: Tarantella and Gavotta. His nervous energy is channeled into his fingers tapping out the tune of one of these pieces when sitting watching tv, eating a meal, or even holding hands walking to school.


The arrival of Coco has stimulated in Robin a desire to have a rabbit. For a couple of weeks, he has asked regularly (hourly, at times) when he’ll be old enough to have a rabbit. The answers L and I provide do not satisfy and he turns grumpy. There’s a genuine desire there, which we’ll find hard to resist. One night, Robin etched with biro a rabbit on the headboard of his bed.


Soon after her night-time trip to the hospital, Eliza’s coughing started up again. A few causes were considered: Coco, pollen, plain old viral infection. The GP was clear – asthma – meaning that she joins her brothers with that diagnosis.


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