Easter Island bonnet


All pupils at Gabe’s primary school are given the homework task of making an Easter bonnet, which are paraded at a special prize assembly. Gabe picked on a chance comment about Easter Island and decided that would be the theme of his bonnet. Its construction involved the usual amount of angst he experiences when making something. While it featured a recognisable Easter Island stone head, in L and my eyes it lacked evidence of real commitment. Nonetheless Gabe seemed convinced it would be a winner.

L received, and dismissed as a hoax, a text from a friend announcing that Gabe had received an award. Only when Gabe came home from school with an Easter egg, was the truth of his achievement appreciated. The novelty of his idea – when all around them were chicks, nests and flowers – had swung the judges.

Surprise victor


We tracked down a roller-rink in the locality, where Eliza can pursue her roller-blade passion. Situated in a warehouse on an industrial park, the rink sits anonymously, without signage to draw customers. Fittingly, then, it should be a hidden gem. A throwback to the middle of the last century – from its tiny ticket booth, to its paper decorations hanging from the ceiling, plastic covered booth seats around the rink, cheap tuck shop and most of all, its polished wooden rink. And it was a venue for skaters of all ages; many of the most elegant were of retirement age.

Eliza herself was as much a spectacle. She has an easy, graceful style. But what strikes most are her spindly, stick legs rising from her chunky boots with blades. She is much less fragile than she appears, but the worry remains.


Robin is progressing well at school and showing a facility for learning. Yet, there remain some odd blind spots. Whenever he reappears in the room after a trip to the loo, L or I ask whether he has flushed and washed his hands.  He pauses, before trotting back to complete the task that continues to seem just a little beyond him.


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