Up for the Cup


As the football season neared its end, Gabe  expressed a preference for Manchester City to come fourth in the league (and so qualify for next year’s Champions League) rather than to win the FA Cup Final. His very modern sense of priority may have been challenged by 24 hours during which he watched on tv City win at Wembley and played a part in his team, the Jets, winning the under 10 cup final against the league champions.

City’s triumph was viewed with Uncle S and me during our trip to North Yorkshire.  The next morning, Gabe and I left soon after 6am to get back to Manchester for a 9.30am kick-off at the ground where the Jets had lost on penalties last year. The Jets took an early lead, which was soon doubled. Gabe played the second period and some of the third. He made an impeccably tidy performance, playing right midfield, reluctant to venture far forward. The victory came unexpectedly comfortably: 3-0. Gabe received a winner’s trophy, took his turn to lift the cup and lined up with his teammates for a series of victory photos. Gabe has taken this double-success graciously and with quiet satisfaction.


In Yorkshire, Robin was cousin F’s favourite. She followed him around, adopting the same posture as him, sometimes trying to repeat his words, as if her own. Robin took this well, but was not as charmed and pleased with his role as Eliza would have been.


Eliza has taken up the violin. Benefiting from a grant, the school has acquired enough violins for eager 7 year olds to take one on loan. So far, Eliza has been taught plucking and so we haven’t yet had the tortured sound of a learner mishandling bow and fiddle.


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