Go fish


The urge for a rabbit has passed and in its place has come the desire for a fish. ‘Daddy, I love you, can I have a fish’, he tells me when I get home from work. He makes a pouting fish mouth as I wake him up in the morning, following it up with, ‘Can I have a fish?’ At school, yesterday and today, he has made me illustrated notes, out of which a surprisingly clear message emerges: ‘I want a fish’.


Eliza doesn’t slip into sleep so easily these days. She tries to delay L or I leaving her room, but will often settle to read. Sometimes she appears later in the evening, wanting the landing light switched on, or some reassurance. One night this week, I went up to her on the landing to wish her goodnight and steer her back to her room. Standing two steps above me, she asked for a French kiss. I shook my head and offered my cheek. She kissed me with lips pressed to my cheek for 20 seconds. It turned out that a French kiss meant nothing more than a longer duration.


The results of Gabe’s mock 11+ have arrived. He was disappointed; I’m encouraged, and have tried to convey that to him. In numerical reasoning, he scored 41/45 (average score 28). For verbal reasoning, his score was 52/70 (average 46). For non-verbal reasoning, 39/67 (average 35) – this test as challenging as those I have seen set for adults.


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