Marry, or Mummy gets it

One day in our French holiday home, L posed the kids a question, and made it a challenge. ‘You have 30 seconds to say who you would marry, or I [Mummy] get killed’. Robin was first to declare – Anna, a guest at his birthday party. Eliza overcame her antipathy towards boys and followed quickly: Kai (he’s noisy, she explained afterwards and so was the first boy who came into her mind). Gabe, after several time extensions, and with the pressure mounting, refused to take part. He wasn’t going to have a girl associated with him, and anyway, it wasn’t real.

Gabe and Eliza led an outbreak of creativity on holiday. They set out to write songs and perform in competition against each other. Eliza’s song, adapted from one sung at school, was ‘I am me’. She co-opted Robin into her group. With the song a wrap, she constructued a lectern from a cardboard banana crate so that her song-sheet could stay propped up in front of her. Gabe enlisted L and me to his team. He wrote a fully scored song about our campsite, with a sound effect bringing each line to an end, providing me with an active, but non-singing role.


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  1. Sounds like a very fun day with your kids!


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